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Migidoll FAQ & Informations

MigidollLovers Submission Rules
Submission Rules for MigidollLovers
[last update: Sept. 2012]
Submission to folders:
Please submit your art to the gallery into the appropriate folder. If you don't know which folder to choose, feel free to ask one of the admins.
So far there will be no limit for submissions, you can submit as many devitations as you want.
Submissions to featured folder:
In the featured folder you can post your two best deviatations! Two subsmission are allowed for every member per month.
Submissions to Migidoll Database:
Here you can submit one entry for every Migidoll you own!
Please only submit photos which you haven't yet submitted to the gallery and make sure to include the following informations about your doll and any optional informations you'd like:
~ Name
~ Head
~ Body
~ Face-up Artist
~ Skintone
~ Eyes
~ Hair
~ Arrival
~ Gender
~ Age
If you don't know some of these informations you can leave it blank or write ''u

:bulletred: Read about our SUBMISSION RULES here.

Migidoll FAQ
Migidoll FAQ
[last update: July, 2013]
This FAQ tries to give you a general overview for Migidoll dolls so there is just one basic question about Bjd's. If you want to learn more about Bjd's in general please visit Den of Angels for more information.
Contents Overview
1. What are BJDs?
2. Where can I buy a Migidoll?
3. Why is it always saying ''sold out'' for the item I want to purchase?
4. Which heads does Migidoll sell?
5. Can I purchase a head with the original Migidoll face-up shown on the website?
6. Where can I get a body for my Migidoll head?
7. What are the measurements of the Migidoll SD body?
8. How do I order a Migidoll?
9. How much are the shipping costs?
10. How about the payment?
11. How can I contact Migi?
12. What is a A or B type?/ To which body does my A or B type MD head fit? (relevant for heads bought before February 2010

:bulletyellow: Where can I buy a head?
:bulletyellow: How much do they cost?
:bulletyellow: How do I get a body?
:bulletyellow: How can I order a head? etc.

Interview with Migi
Interview with Migi [09.02.2010]
1. First, how old are you?
I was born in 1978, and am now 33 years-old in Korean age.
2. When did you first discover BJD's?
I was 25 years-old when I first got to know of BJD.
I saw porcelain dolls which one artist made in a magazine, and they were so beautiful.
I started searched about the doll on internet, and then find BJD at the moment.
3. What is your favourite BJD?
My favorite BJD is Japanese dolls called Unoa.
4. How many BJD's do you have?
There are around 20 dolls and the 80 % is dolls I made.
5. What is your favourite Migidoll mold?
I like all of them, but I would say Ryu and Yuri and Neo if I'm asked my favorites.
6. Where do you get your inspiration from? What are your influences?
I get inspiration from many type of things, like beautiful fashion models, movies, animations, characters, and 3D game characters.
7. How long does it take to sculpt a head?
It takes me about a month or two to make a

Read our Interview with the creator
of Migidoll
and get a greater insight
in her work and influences!

Name of Image

Images are by


Feel free to ask us if you have questions about Migidoll, the group or anything else that's on your mind. :D
New ideas and creative suggestions for the group are also highly appreciated! :heart:







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Migidoll Kay
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Contests 2010

* BJD Dolls Chat *

We're very excited to announce that we're launching a DA Chat channel for all of us to talk about doll, get to know each other, host RPs, play games and just about anything else!
:la: :camera: #BallJointedDolls Chat :camera: :la:
Come, talk, share, learn~
Dear Members and Watchers,

Chemicore is selling her Migidoll Vampire Miho Hybrid!
You can find more informations below or on her journal here:
* SELLING * NS Migidoll Vamp Miho/Little Monica AI had mentioned it before, but let's make things a bit more final. I'mma be putting this fellow up on DoA at some point, but the thing is, his certificate and original box are still at my mom's- (and I moved to my dad's quite a while ago actually... But hadn't needed them before- you know how that goes.) shipping could take a while. Or, if you'd prefer, I could ship it unstrung to try and cut some costs and send the certificates later. Your call.
But here we go!
Up for sale, I have a 2012 Migidoll/Little Monica Hybrid.
Both are NS, It's the LM A-type body, and the Limited Migidoll Vamp Miho head.
The seams have been neatly sanded, the match is about as perfect as it gets, and to top it off, it has a great SoftPoison faceup. It comes with both the A- and B-type hands.
Not great pics- the light did weird things- but here we go:
 ^ Natural lighting from a weird angle; facial profile & resin match.
 ^ Natural lighting, closeup face-up. ^ Natural lighting, a bit of p

Item Information
Item: Migidoll Vamp Miho/Little Monica A Type Hybrid
Face-up: Yes. Done by SoftPoison
Skintone and Resin Type: Normal Skin, A-Type 2012.
Included in sale: Migidoll head & Little Monica body

Item Description
No damage.
No yellowing; I can count the times it's been out in the sun on one hand.
I do have a cat, but he is not allowed near my dolls; never has this item been in contact with my pet. Smoke free home.

Name of Image

More pictures and info in journal on my profile, and on request.

Payment Information
Price: $680
Payment Options: Paypal.

Splits?: Only if a buyer is available for both items simultaneously.

Trades?: No.

Layaway?: Yes, with conditions.

Shipping Information
Shipping fee: Unsure; $50: If shipping turns out to cost less, I will send you back the remaining amount of money.
Item ships from: Netherlands.
Shipping to: Europe. Worldwide is possible, although not preferred- feel free to try though!

Chemicore on dA; drop me a note!
More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries


Name of Image

If you want to sell your Migidoll, or Migidoll Hybrid, please fill out the form below and send it via note to MigidollLovers. I will advertise your selling in a blog entry.

Item Information
Face-up: yes? no? done by?
Skintone and Resin Type:
Included in sale: Body? Wig? Eyes? Clothes?

Item Description:
damages? yellowing? pet free/ smoke free home?

:bulletred: please at least two or three pictures

Payment Information
Payment Options:
which payment methods are accepted?


Shipping Information
Shipping fee:
Item ships from:
Shipping to: worldwide?


Image is by

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Rozensieg Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Good day!

I am planning on purchasing a Migidoll Mir in the near future and I was wondering if you could provide some feedback in regards to the M-Cute body. I've read that it does not pose very well and that it's joints are rather loose; could you shed some light if this is true?

Thank you in advance.
XD any one thats interested should join my Faux Fur wig page ~! I take commissions!
SoulEevee99 Mar 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Good day,
I want to ask you if you do custom Dollfie.
I want one classic one and I cannot fing anything for her.
That is why I am asking.
I want her as tall as normal barbie or maybe
a bit taller.
She should look like this: [link]
I have a Ryu head on the way and I can't wait for him to arrive! :love:
Jiroah Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are there any tutorials on how to make one of these dolls?
Migidolls are protected by copyright, so it's not allowed to replicate them.
For bjd dolls in general there are tons of tutorials on the internet. Try looking at Den of Angels [link] or just google for ''bjd doll tutorial'' :D
GalaxyBoi Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I suggest to make a folder for Migidoll Mu? :D
I wanted to add my new boy (MD Mu) to your gallery, but I don't know where to put him.
Sure, I'll make one right away :D
GalaxyBoi Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Great! Thanks! I'll go submit my Mu. :D
I soooooooo want a Migidoll! :heart: But it's just so expensive. :( Even a pre-loved doll would be very appreciated! :D
Why is sold out everythere??
Please view our Migidoll FAQ for the answer to your question: [link] :)
Hydranemone Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi everyone ! I'm happy to join this group :3
I have only a Miho at home,Luka,but I want a Jina and a Yuri (boys !!) too *^*
Hi, welcome to MigidollLovers! ^^
Gaaah I need to fav this group for over a few weeks X3
The pics totally convinced me to go for a Migidoll <3
Waiting for paypal to add mah money so I can order a MD Miho
Thank you all <3
Thank you, I'm very glad you enjoyed our gallery :hug: Hope you'll get your Miho soon, I'm looking forward to see pictures of him :D
I ordered him this morning, they seem to be pretty fast with shipping even though my track reckord isnt that great X3 my dollzone one took ages Y.Y how fast did you get yours in if you do not mind me asking? gah im hyper now ^^
Congratulations :D I ordered mine together with a few people so it took a bit longer for them to past on the package to everyone. All in all it took about four weeks for my Ryu to arrive ^^
(2 Replies)
monsieurleprince Jun 25, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for accepting my request... again! :) I am so happy to be part of Migidoll lovers!
You're most welcome :hug:
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